All Natural Vegan and Organic Sweeteners


About our Retail Products

Since 1984, Suzanne's Specialties has produced a growing line of all natural sweeteners, vegan sweeteners and organic sweeteners for our retail clients. We also offer a full line of traditional sweeteners including Organic Wildflower Honey and Organic Agave Syrup.

Among our most popular products are Rice Nectar, a Brown Rice Syrup in a variety of delicious fruited and naturally flavored blends such as "Just Like Honey'', Chocolate, Blueberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry. We also created the first and only all-natural, vegan marshmallow creme, Suzanne's Ricemellow Creme.

Suzanne's Specialties' products are made with only the finest all natural Organic ingredients.

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Organic Sweeteners


All of Suzanne's Specialties' organic sweeteners use USDA certified organic ingredients. Suzanne's Organic Blackstrap Molasses is a superb choice to sweeten cookies, candies, muffins, dark breads, sauces, and whole grain dishes.

Suzanne's Organic Agave Syrup is a Southwestern staple, naturally sweeter than sugar and is non-GMO.

Suzanne's Organic Wildflower Honey is 100% pure, USDA organic honey with a light flavor, just right for most recipes.



Ricemellow Creme is the first all-natural vegan marshmallow creme. Made from natural flavors, soy protein, natural vegetable gums, and sweetened with Suzanne's Specialties own brown rice syrup. Use it to make tasty desserts like rice crispy treats, scores, or a healthy Ricemellow-Nutter sandwich.

• non-GMO
• no refined sugars
• no preservatives
• no artificial colors or flavors
• fat-free
• cholesterol free
• gluten-free

Rice Nectars


Rice Nectars are natural alternative sweeteners produced by steeping brown rice with special enzymes (koji) and then converting mashed grain into a smooth flavored, sweet liquid extract. The extract is then concentrated to create our Original Rice Nectar. Hand mashed blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries are added to create our Fruited Rice Nectars and in our Chocolate Rice Nectar, the very best cocoa is added, resulting in a rich, velvety smooth chocolate syrup. Genmai Rice Nectar is preferred by those with a macrobiotic diet.

Available in:

• Chocolate

 • Maple

 • Genmai

 • Original

 • Raspberry

 • Strawberry

 • Blueberry

Fruit Spreads


Our Rice Nectar Fruit Spreads are the first and only grain-based fruit spreads, made by blending the highest quality fruit with our brown rice syrup. Lighter than traditional jams and jellies, Rice Nectar Fruit Spreads come in three flavors: Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry. They're a delicious and healthy alternative for your children's lunchboxes.

• sweetened with Rice Nectar

• fat-free
• gluten-free
• low in calories
• no com syrup
• no refined sugars



Just-Like-Honey is a rich and delicious honey flavored rice nectar syrup created for those with allergies to bee pollen. lt's made from a proprietary blend of all natural sweeteners specially formulated to duplicate the unique properties of honey. This all natural syrup contains no emulsifiers, stabilizers or preservatives.

• vegan
• hypoallergenic
• gluten-free
• no cane, beet, or refined sugars
• non-GMO