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Suzanne's Specialties began supplying the Organic and Natural Foods markets with natural alternative sweeteners, organic sweeteners, and refined sugar alternatives in 1984. All of our products are made from high quality, all-natural ingredients and include gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan sweeteners.

Our industrial sweeteners include:
• organic sugar I turbinado sugar I demerara
• organic agave syrup
• organic evaporated cane juice
• organic clarified rice syrup I clarified rice syrup
• organic brown rice syrup I brown rice syrup
• organic maltodextrin I maltodextrin I dextrin I organic syrup solids I syrup solids
• organic inulin I inulin I organic liquid inulin I inulin powder
• organic tapioca starch I organic tapioca syrup
• organic medium invert I invert I full invert
• organic molasses
• organic barley malt
• organic honey I honey

If your company needs a reliable source for institutional or industrial quantities of the highest quality organic sweeteners, call us at 1-800-762-2135 or email info@suzannes-specialties.com to place an order.

Suzanne's Specialties also has the expertise to formulate custom blends of sweeteners to match the exact requirements of your products.

Dried Brown Rice Products


Dried rice syrup solids serve as an effective carrier for sweeteners, gums, spices and seasonings. They are also an effective bulking agent and promote instant solubility. Rice syrup solids are produced by breaking long starch molecules into smaller pieces, created by the enzymatic conversion of rice starch to a sweet liquid extract which is then filtered and run through a spray-drying process. Spray dried rice syrup solids are water-soluble and contribute only a minimal amount of fat with good mouthfeel.

Applications: bakery pre-mixes, sports beverages, confectionary, salad dressings, dry soups, & Diet and Light products.


A by-product of the production of brown rice syrup, the insoluble protein and dietary fiber of the brown rice is filtered and then washed to the desired protein content before being dried into a fine powder. The fine rice protein powder concentrate can be added to a variety of foods and used as a vegan and non-GMO protein supplement in prepared foods & beverages.

Applications: pet foods, beverages, baby foods.


Used to enhance texture and flavor, Suzanne's Specialties' rice maltodextrin are produced by breaking long starch molecules into smaller pieces, created by the enzymatic conversion of rice starch. The levels of dextrose and maltose are monitored so that the dextrose equivalent (DE) level does not exceed 20. Maltodextrins are obtained as white, spray-dried solids containing 2-4 percent moisture, are water soluble and yield colorless, very bland solutions. Because of its high molecular weight the product does not lower the freezing point in cold applications as much as sugars.

Applications: bakery pre-mixes, sports beverages, candies, Icings, Nutritional & Infant formulas.

Organic Syrups and Honey


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